With Jason Harms working on John Piper’s The Ballad of Job.  Here are some ideas from the...

Heaven and Earth

  This painting is from a series of images called “Under Construction” which began in about 2004, mining the urban Chinese landscape for imagery in various mediums, including oil, pencil, digital, tempera, photography, and mixed media.  Some of the...

PROJECT 119: Gimel

Gimel, a new song from KMOV’s Project 119 Available for purchase here or listen for free here!  

Beth. New Music from KMOV

The next section of Psalm 119, verses 9-16, and the second letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet are out.  Click here to download.

Von Promnitz Tour/Poland 2014

To Poland With Song A few years ago, Richard Dietrich walked into city hall in Zary, Poland to surprise his wife (Brenda Johnson “Promnitz”) with an updated family tree. To the surprise of everyone, it turns out that Brenda’s family is the direct descendant of the...


The first releases of PROJECT 119 are available for purchase here! You may or may not know about psalm 119, an acrostic poem in the Bible based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  I have used these words as devotional material for the last 10 years, and want...


up and coming hair designer in NYC came to China to shoot her promo video…