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Eric Hesse: Someone Else’s Light

Eric Hesse: Someone Else’s Light

Someone Else’s Light ​These unpeopled portraits explore the mutability of the monumental. The subjects struggle to maintain their formal identity against a number of threats: light, darkness, chaos, decay, and, most insidious of all, mundanity. Artist Statement  Hesse...
Qof: God is no changeling

Qof: God is no changeling

let us thoroughly record this lesson, to the end we may say with David, that we have the testimonies of GOD so deeply imprinted in our hearts


Badge of Faith

Honored to work on graphics for this new film. About the Film BRYAN LAWRENCE is a cop who’s dedicated his career to the entire concept of ‘To Protect and Serve’.  But a chance encounter with two fugitives ends with Bryan being kicked in the face, paralyzing him from...

Weather Control

Human beings have attempted to predict the weather for as long as there are records… This is a small record, by one human being watching the skies. This was largely made from various timelapses taken over the last 5 years in China, North and South Korea, Japan...

Images of Summer

A collection of images put to the words from the hymn ‘Like a river glorious’