From Calvin’s First Sermon on Psalm 119: ALEPH

And this is his meaning also what we must do: for we know this, that there is no man which wholly keepeth the law of God: we are all transgressors thereof, we are all miserable sinners. We must therefore run unto our good God, and beseech him that when we are fallen, that he will relieve us through his fatherly goodness, as he is always ready to do, and that he hath promised he will govern us, in supporting of us, until such time as he hath despoiled us of all the imperfections of our flesh. And according to this holy doctrine, let us prostrate ourselves before the face of our good God in confessing our faults, beseeching him that it would please him to give us a taste that we may feel what a pleasure he doth us, when he communicateth his word familiarly among us, and that he will instruct us thereby, not only to understand to discern betwixt good and evil: but that we may also be sure and certain of his love and good will towards us: to the end that we living under his charge and conduction, might run unto him, that in the midst of the miseries and wretchedness of this world, he will make us blessed, that we may come to everlasting bliss, and the glory immortal, which hath been purchased for us once for all by our Lord and savior Christ Jesus his son. And that when he hath once set us into the right way, that he would keep us therein more and more, until the time that he hath brought us into his heavenly kingdom.