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Great peace have those who love your law;
nothing can make them stumble

In the day and age of seemingly omniscient information collecting, where satellites mark our movements, cameras document our shopping, our driving, our working, and the browser history records our clicks, it is not too hard to imagine how all our ways might be discerned by God. With algorithms, we can study the habits of Facebookers, but with God, both internal and external ways are plain. As Spurgeon says, “Thought is speech before God.” Let this be a liberating truth as we recognize that our every thought, look, word, and deed will be totaled and measured–liberating because we have this knowledge as a weapon for overcoming temptation, and as a goad to drive us out of entanglements of sin, into the embrace of our loving Father “in whom there is no shadow of turning.” By faith, we have great peace, though peace is a very fruit of a law-lover. This is not a blind love, but a love that makes the path clear, the steps steady, and causes us to walk upon it with confidence.