ALEPH (Ox, Beginning, Power/Authority/Strength, 3-in-1 nature of the God-Man)

The Lord has commanded diligence.

His word is able to bless us and keep us from shame, even as we are wholly enraptured by it.

BETH (Family, House of God)

The Lord is blessed.

His word stored in our hearts will occupy the place that sin would dwell.

GIMEL (Foot, Carry, Gather, Burdened One)

The Lord will rebuke the insolent.

His word is a map full of wondrous things, but our eyes are closed.

DALETH (Open Door)

The Lord has an answer for those who speak of their ways to him.

His word revives us from sorrow, from false ways, from stumbling.

HEH (Open Window)

The Lord can move our hearts, our eyes, and our circumstances for His glory.

His word is able to conform us to His righteous ways.

WAW (Hook, Nail)

The Lord has promised steadfast love for those whose hope is in Him.

His word will broaden the path beneath our feet.

ZAYIN (Sword, Word, Hoe/Plow, Food)

The Lord remembers His promises.

His word gives life to us through our hope.

HETH (Fortress, Wall)

The Lord fills the earth with steadfast love, and makes this abundance our portion.

His word is able to keep us from our own folly as well as being snared by others.

TETH (Snake, Basket)

The Lord is good and He does good.

His word is made precious to us in affliction.

YODH (Hand and Arm, Work, Praise)

The Lord made us, and fashioned us.

His word is righteous: “in faithfulness you have afflicted me.”

KAPH (open Palm, Wings)

The Lord may withhold help for a time when we are suffering.

His word is sure.

LAMEDH (Goad, Shepherd Staff, Teach)

The Lord’s faithfulness endures to all generations, he established the earth.

His word is firmly fixed in heaven.

MEM (Water, Chaos, Blood)

The Lord teaches us.

His word makes us wiser than our enemies and our teachers.

NUN (Fish, Life, Abundance, Sprouting Seed, Heir, Son)


His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, and our heritage.

SAMEKH (Support, Upholding, Thorn, Grab/Hate, Protect)

The Lord is our hiding place and shield.

The Lord spurns those who stray in cunning; He discards the wicked of the earth like dross.

His word inspires fear in our flesh.

AYIN (Eye, Watch, Know, Shade)

The Lord acts at the appropriate time.

His word is of greater value than gold, though it appears to be unfulfilled.

PE (Mouth)

The Lord is gracious to those who love His name.

His word is wonderful, and gives light as it unfolds.

TSADHE (Fishhook)

The Lord’s righteousness is tested, and eternal.

His word is righteous and faithful.

QOPH (Circle, Sun, Time)

The Lord is near to those who hope in Him.

His word is eternal, and it is far from those of evil purpose.

RESH (Chief, Head, Top)

The Lord is great in mercy.

His word: its sum is truth, and each part endures forever.

SIN and SHIN (Teeth, Firmness)

The Lord sees all our ways.

His word bears peace in those who love it.

TAW (Mark, Sign, Monument, Cross)

The Lord is a Shepherd.

His word describes a right and delightful deliverance.