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In accordance with our Dream of Space to Create…or maybe our dream to create fruitful spaces…

We are supporting the Mukaaya family in Kampala, Uganda in the renovation of their home. They have recently returned to their native country from Boston, full of aspiration to make their home a blessing to their community. Eddie is working to initiate a program in Uganda that will reach and minister to deaf children like their own, which services are lacking.

The Mukaayas are a family who have taken great steps of faith in order to care for their daughter, who was born deaf in Uganda. They spent 5 years in Boston seeking to care for her and working towards an initiative to serve children like their own in Uganda with the same resources–cochlear implants–that their daughter was able to benefit from. They are now back in Kampala, Uganda as a family, to begin again in their native land after a long season away.

They face the same challenges as any family who has made great sacrifices for their children, and seen large scale relocations, and faced many transitions: employment changes, loss, and searches; educational questions, living situations. In at least one of these areas, we felt that we could support this dear family during a time of transition, and this was by seeking to meet their living needs. When one has no gainful employment, yet must live month by month in rented apartments, things may seem bleak. However, the Mukaayas do have the option of a home left unfinished, and empty while they were in Boston caring for their daughter’s needs. We can come alongside and them here, and create movements towards making their home a livable and creative space: cement instead of dirt floors; a door that is functional; roof repairs; electrical wiring.

Please join us in blessing this family as they put down roots again in Uganda.