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Distress & Devilment::


Haro was now fairly dancing in indecision between bolting from the street and returning to the middle of the street to drag Meiyan with him.

Run! he urged again.

It was a force of silent but frenetic aggressive energy, and fear was upon all the people in the street. But many had noticed that that animal, though menacing to everyone in its path, was yet focused on another goal. People who had fled turned now, or stopped and were staring after its violent trajectory. Meiyan froze in his shoes, Haro’s voice rising higher, but unable to penetrate the fear which held him. He felt as if he could not run, that escape from a fear which suddenly seemed to descend from every direction was useless, even though fear’s embodiment in the terrible creature before him closed the distance between them.

Then Haro had him by the arm, and was dragging him toward the stone building. Meiyan stumbled up the stairs that lead to the front doors, huge wooden pieces hung in stone and iron, as the beast turned in the street, its claws raking the dust on the pavement. Then it turned its nose towards him, and with a deep growl, scented the air. At this, Haro lost his nerve, and leapt from the stairs to the sidewalk, and scuttled around the corner. The beast began barking, a loud, fearful sound which leapt back off the stone face of the church, and leapt towards the stairs, its fury mounting.


To be continue in "A Young Man's Alphabet: E"

I Sought the Lord

The initial waking is always the work of the Holy Spirit on our fallow hearts, whether through spiritual conviction, or through somebody bringing the word and sowing it in our hearts. But it is in our sinful estate that each one who comes to the Lord, seeks Him. And His promise is, that if we seek Him with our whole heart, notwithstanding our location, He will turn to us, and draw us near to Him.

He Answered Me

Is there any god in heaven or earth who answers his people when they call to him? Who is like the Lord, who gives us the way, and is faithful to those who seek Him in accordance with His word!

He Delivered Me from all my Fears

“Keep yourselves from idols.” Idolatry grows out of fear, and those who seek help from idols forsake their own mercy. Idols are subtle, and not often obvious, but fear is a healthy reminder of where our allegiance lies, and it functions in time as a warning that we might see, understand and realign our fear. Fear Him who after He has killed can destroy the soul in hell, and fear the One who has the power to deliver!

To Make Christ Beautiful and Satisfying to Our Minds