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Egress for Souls::

Panic surged through his limbs, and he backed against the wood of the heavy doors, the iron molding digging into his back. The door trembled slightly at his touch. At this point, Meiyan felt for a split second that he would rather face this hideous beast as it raced towards him, rather than be attacked from behind, fleeing from some nameless horror. But it was an exceedingly ugly snout, with a disproportionally large mouth—like a wolf’s, but which opened much wider, as if it were a dislocating jaw hung in a reptile’s skull. This mouth revealed large, sharp teeth amidst the gore of saliva and foam, and a long, repulsive tongue that twisted about with a life—or death—of its own.

Meiyan turned, nonetheless, and flung himself at the door, which, heavy as it was, gave. His heels skidded on the stone pavement as the beast bounded forward, and Meiyan scrambled headfirst toward the cool draft of the darkness inside. The beast’s presence was already upon him, though, when from within the door emerged a single feathered creature, with wings spread wide, and dived directly into the face of the beast.


To be continue in "A Young Man's Alphabet: F"

Those Who Look To Him are Radiant

As the sun illuminates the faces of every planet in the solar system. It is similar with us in our relationship to the central presiding body of Life: He who is the Life, makes us radiant. We are called to look to God, and in doing so–looking–we act in faith, and become more like Him whose face outshines the sun for radiance and glory.

Their Faces Are Never Covered with Shame

“I felt ashamed.”

“But of what? Psyche, they hadn’t stripped you naked or anything?”

“No, no, Maia. Ashamed of looking like a mortal — of being a mortal.”

“But how could you help that?”

“Don’t you think the things people are most ashamed of are things they can’t help?”

“Death opens a door out of a little, dark room (that’s all the life we have known before it) into a great, real place where the true sun shines and we shall meet.”

― C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces


To Make Christ Beautiful and Satisfying to Our Minds