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Fleeing and Flying::

After this there followed a cloud of the birds together, swarming blindly into the light of day, and in their fury of flight, beating wings, and mailed claws, arrested for a moment the progress of the eyes and mouth which would have just closed in on an ankle. In confusion the beast sat back suddenly on its haunches, as the birds swirled out and disappeared into the heights of the city like sparks upwards flying. Meiyan tumbled inside, and the great door swung shut forcefully, just as the beast crossed the threshold.


To be continue in "A Young Man's Alphabet: G"

This Poor Man Called

Wherever we are when we cry out, we know upon looking back that it was out of poverty that we called to God. It is this status that keeps many, even God’s own children, from seeking Him with their whole hearts. But Jesus said at such a foundational and prominent place: “Blessed are the poor in spirit…”

And the Lord Heard Him

This is recorded for the sake of the faith of the poor man, who having no other resort, believes that his frail and undeserving voice will be heard in the heavens by immortal ears. As a mother is keenly attuned to the cry of her infant, so does God incline His heart to us when we cry out to Him.

And Saved Him Out of All His Troubles

This reassurance is to say that though our troubles are those which we have been born into, have dug ourselves into, have been cast into, yet the Lord is above all, and able to save us completely from all.

To Make Christ Beautiful and Satisfying to Our Minds