How I Lost My Shadow: A Young Man’s Alphabet

Psalm 34 is an acrostic poem, where each line of the Hebrew poem begins with a consecutive letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet. It contains many stories simultaneously. It is David’s story, and the story of his relationship to his children as they were growing up, as he was teaching them about God out of the testimony of his own life. And it is our own story, if God’s word meditates upon our lives, and makes of us His living stones.

These illustrations (“How I Lost My Shadow”) describe the faith journey of a young man who often seems caught in counterpoint with the story line he is traveling, and is inspired in part by the work of George MacDonald, called “Phantastes”. Here are some images from the forthcoming picture book: “A Young Man’s Alphabet, or How I Lost My Shadow”. The illustrations will be available at a later date as prints, ebook, and printed book.



These illustrations are part of Project119, a collaborative, creative response in Scripture, for those who “love God’s law” with the goal of meditating upon it all day long, and through seeking, to get understanding by it.

Blessed is the One Who Takes Refuge in Him

The refugee is the blessed one, if he finds the goal of his flight is the goodness of God.

To Make Christ Beautiful and Satisfying to Our Minds