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Translation is an art of compromise- the inevitable compromise between the resources of From-ish and those of To-ish. When the unique riches of From-ish—all the accidents of its associations and accidence—have been exploited to the full, the compromise must be all the greater. — BRIAN BOYD

Stone Johnston has spent nearly half of his life living in Asia and traveling around the world. Living in a mix of other cultures and hearing different languages has had a great influence on him.

Art has always seemed like a form of translation. The art work is never finished, never perfect, and never fully satisfies our questions, but rather it’s part of the process and becomes a part of life – documenting, responding, recording, and reflecting.

This body of images is a reflection of life on the road, seen through the eyes of one sojourning and passing through. The glory of the created earth, and the broken and worn down structures of man’s created living spaces- we respond and try to capture beauty while we are still in-between where we have come From and where we are going To.


These compositions literally play on the title “On the Road,” as landscapes of figures on expanses of pavement. Alternately, these solitary figures in a paved and demarcated life ask us whether it is or not a “small world.” The paintings intend to harbor the character of traditional Chinese landscape painting, where there is no discernible horizon line, and where the human figure is often dwarfed in a monochromatic swirl of dots, dashes, and lines.


images from the growing bodies of work

Thank you to the Cambridge Homes and residents for gracious conversation, hospitality, and care during the show.